Your Dedicated B2B Product Design Partner

At Perez and Company, we're not just another design agency; we're your personal design partner. Our founder, Peter Perez Jr, a seasoned product designer with over a decade of experience, leads the charge in crafting digital products that are both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Our mission? To enhance the everyday work tools used in the B2B and SaaS sectors, making a tangible difference in the daily lives of professionals worldwide. Here’s how we blend dedication, expertise, and passion to bring your vision to life:

Your Personal Design Partner

Hello there! I’m Peter, the driving force behind Perez and Company. I bring to the table over a decade of experience in shaping digital products that merge innovation with user-friendliness. With a deep passion for crafting tools that professionals rely on daily, my goal is to make their work lives a bit brighter and more efficient. Together, let’s create solutions that not only meet business needs but also bring joy to everyday work experiences!

Tailored Teams, Just for You

Your unique project deserves an equally distinctive team. I spearhead each venture with a handpicked squad of designers who add that perfect blend of fresh energy and seasoned insights, tailoring solutions that resonate with the daily users in the B2B and SaaS sectors.

An Iterative and Joyful Design Adventure

We love nurturing ideas and watching them evolve. Using the iterative design process, we refine, test, and enhance your product step-by-step, ensuring that the final outcome is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Our Services

We offer a vibrant array of services designed to breathe life and vibrancy into your brand’s digital persona:

UX Design
UI Design
Design Audits
Design Workshops
Design Systems
MVP Design
User Testing

Flexibility, Our Middle Name

In the ever-changing landscape of the digital world, we thrive on adaptability. We gracefully sail through the evolving dynamics of your project, always aligned with your vision and ready to adapt for the best outcomes.

Crafting Joy in Everyday Work Tools

We’re not just here to design; we’re here to make a difference in the daily lives of professionals. By focusing solely on B2B and SaaS platforms, we channel our passion into creating tools that bring a smile to users’ faces, making their workdays a tad bit brighter, and a whole lot more efficient.

Get in touch!

If you’re seeking a warm, dedicated, and expert-guided design experience focused on enhancing everyday work tools, you’ve just found your perfect match. Reach out, let’s start this exciting collaboration, working hand-in-hand to craft a future where work feels a little less like work.