Bringing Innovation to Enterprise Document Automation


Forms2Docs is paving a new path in the enterprise document automation sphere. This cloud-based platform is revolutionizing the way organizations handle, manage, and electronically sign important documents, making the process seamless for a range of professionals, including office staff and field personnel.

Our Role

Our journey with Forms2Docs was a rich and collaborative experience, sprinkled with dashes of creativity and innovation at every phase. Here’s a glimpse into our adventurous journey:

Idea Sketching and Brainstorming (using Miro):

Initiated with vibrant brainstorming sessions, where ideas transformed into concrete plans following Jake Knapp’s iterative design methodology.

User Flows

We created user flows that make navigation a breeze, enhancing the user’s journey through the platform.

Wireframes (developed in Moqups)

Development of wireframes and prototypes that set the foundation for a functional and visually engaging platform.

High-Fidelity Design (Figma + Bootstrap)

We brought the wireframes to life with detailed designs that married functionality with a pleasing aesthetic, all while maintaining a user-friendly interface.


Our efforts culminated in an MVP that quickly garnered attention in the enterprise sector, attracting a significant number of enterprise clients in a short span. This rapid client acquisition not only marked a successful launch but also validated the potential of Forms2Docs in revolutionizing enterprise document automation.

Below are exhibit screenshots of the app, spotlighting various sections like dashboard, user flow, or other noteworthy features: