Fruity Sniper

Redefining the NFT Landscape with a Pioneering Control Panel/Utility Platform


Sniper is your friendly gateway to the exciting world of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Acting as a beacon in the marketplace, it brings forth a user-friendly platform that makes transactions and analyses a breeze. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, Sniper empowers you to explore the vibrant landscape of non-fungible tokens with confidence and precision. Welcome to a smoother, more intuitive NFT experience!

Our Role

Our journey from the ideation phase to a fully realized platform encompassed several key stages:

Brainstorming and Ideation

We started with friendly brainstorming sessions, where we pooled together cool ideas and smart strategies that shaped the base of the Sniper platform.


Next, we crafted a clear and user-friendly blueprint. This foundational work focused on making sure users would find Sniper easy to navigate and genuinely useful.

Visual Design & Branding

In this phase, Perez led the team in seamlessly blending captivating visual design with vibrant branding elements. This involved crafting a responsive interface that embodies the fresh and dynamic personality of the Sniper brand, ensuring a delightful user experience that harmonizes with the vibrant and innovative spirit of the NFT sector.


Under the guidance of Perez, we crafted a solid and engaging experience with the Sniper NFT blockchain platform. From the ground up, we developed a user-friendly interface paired with captivating branding, showcasing our knack for innovation and aligning with the cutting-edge trends in the tech industry.

Below are exhibit screenshots of the app, spotlighting various sections like dashboard, user flow, or other noteworthy features: