Job Elephant

Revitalizing the Recruitment Advertising Landscape


Job Elephant stands tall as a stalwart in the recruitment advertising industry, leveraging proprietary technology and research to facilitate strategic recruitment ad placements. Their reach extends across a plethora of sectors including colleges, universities, governments, non-profits, and individual companies, ranging from nascent startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates. What sets them apart is their pricing model – with no additional costs incurred beyond ad insertion, offering a cost-effective solution to their clients.

Our Role

At Job Elephant, the time had come to give their web and mobile app platform a fresh, new look, and they reached out to us at Perez and Company. Spearheaded by yours truly, Peter Perez Jr, we embraced the challenge with open arms, ready to redesign the platform from the ground up. Here’s a little peek into our exciting and collaborative journey on this project:

Iterative Whiteboarding Sessions

Our journey began with invigorating brainstorming sessions, where a mélange of fresh and innovative ideas came to the fore, guided by the principles of Jake Knapp’s iterative design process.

User Testing & Feedback

We actively engaged with the potential user base, gathering insightful feedback that helped shape a platform that resonates well with its audience.

User Flows, User Stories & Wireframing

Crafting user flows and wireframing that ensure a seamless navigation experience became our priority, facilitating a smoother user journey across the platform.

Visual Design

Perez breathed life into the platform by developing a refreshing visual language that encapsulates JobElephant’s brand identity and ethos. Through cohesive color schemes, typography, and interactive elements, Perez created an immersive and modern user experience that stands out in the competitive job market sector.


With Peter leading the way, we gave Job Elephant’s web and mobile app platform a vibrant makeover, setting a new standard for user-friendly experiences in the recruitment advertising space.

Below are exhibit screenshots of the app, spotlighting various sections like dashboard, user flow, or other noteworthy features: