Ship Angel

Streamlining Global Shipping Rates in One Centralized Platform


Ship Angel emerges as a beacon of efficiency in the intricate world of supply chain management. This centralized global platform becomes the reliable source for all shipping rates, adorned with crucial data points to facilitate informed decision-making. Eliminating the reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets and disjointed systems, Ship Angel provides a dynamic solution that not only saves hours per day but also enables the optimal selection of vendors for each shipment, saving substantial costs through more informed choices.

Our Role

On this exciting project, we at Perez and Company got the chance to really shake things up in the industry. Here’s how we dove in, sprinkled a bit of our magic, and got our hands dirty:

Iterative Whiteboarding Sessions

Leveraging Miro as our whiteboarding tool, we engaged in extensive brainstorming sessions to conceptualize an innovative structure to tackle the existing issues in the supply chain management sector.

Wireframes (developed in Moqups)

Establishing the structural blueprints of the platform, setting a solid foundation for an engaging and visually appealing user interface.

User Flows

Creating logical and intuitive user paths that amplify the user experience, encouraging a seamless and cohesive journey throughout the platform.

Visual Design

Utilizing Figma, we crafted a series of user-centric designs, establishing a vibrant and intuitive user interface that forms the heart of this dynamic platform.


Transitioning from a mere concept to a robust MVP, Ship Angel swiftly demonstrated its market viability by attracting a prestigious lineup of enterprise clients shortly after its introduction. This initial surge showcases the platform’s promising trajectory towards growth and influence in the supply chain sector.

Below are exhibit screenshots of the app, spotlighting various sections like dashboard, user flow, or other noteworthy features: